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Loud and Vibrating Alarm Clock

Loud and Vibrating Alarm Clock

Model: VA-2001
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  • Best Alarm Clock for Heavy Sleepers & Deaf: Feel, See, or Hear – Wake up on time, every time, with Shock Clock 3, a battery-operated 3-in-1 bed shaker, flasher, and extra-loud audio alarm. Portable, versatile, and designed for easy travel.
  • Road Ready - Effortlessly pack the 5.3 x 4.6 in. Screaming Meanie Alarm Clock for heavy sleepers & secure it anywhere using the built-in clip strap. Ideal for travel, attach the loudest alarm clock to your bag or pillow for convenient use.
  • Multiple Modes - Customize your backlit LED loudest alarm clock for heavy sleepers with settings for volume, pitch, and 12- or 24-hour time. Turn off audio and vibrate as needed. Use the timer mode for naps, cooking, and more. Wake up on your terms.
  • Versatile and Wireless - Navigate to the bathroom at night and monitor your sleeping space temperature with the alarm heavy sleeper clock. This wireless alarm clock, LED flashlight, and thermometer combo runs on 3 AA batteries.
  • Serene Innovations - Experience an easier life with the super loud alarm clock for heavy sleepers. Our flashing, vibrating, and extremely loud alarm clock, designed for heavy sleepers and the hearing impaired, is backed by our commitment to your satisfaction.

Functions: ........................clock, alarm clock, timer, thermometer and flashlight

Clock modes: ...................12 or 24 hours

Alarm modes:, vibration, audio & vibration

Thermometer modes: .......C or F

Size: ..................................118 x 71 x 27 mm; 4.6 x 2.8 x 1.1 inches

Weight: (without batteries) 140gm; 5 oz.

Power supply: ....................3 AA alkaline batteries (provided)

Battery life: .........................8-10 months of normal use

Vibration: ........................... 8200+- RPM at .21 A

Flasher brightness: ............ 2000 mcd


Q: How do I set the time?
Press and hold the set button for 5 seconds.
Press UP to display AM, PM, 12 or 24-hour clock; press SET to select.
Press UP or DN to set the Hour, press SET to select. Repeat these steps to set Minute.

Q: How do I set alarm time & snooze?
Press MODE to go to Alarm mode; press and hold SET for 3 seconds to select.
Press UP or DN to set the alarm hour, press SET to select. Repeat these steps to set Minute.
While SNOOZE is flashing, press SET to turn on the snooze function or press UP to turn it off. It will automatically return to the normal clock mode after about 15 seconds.
If SNOOZE function is on---when the alarm sounds, it will continue for 40 seconds and then stop. If the SNOOZE button is pushed anytime while the alarm is sounding off, the alarm will stop immediately but it will sound off again in eight minutes. You can repeat this cycle up to seven times. To stop the alarm completely at any time, press the SNOOZE button on top of the clock for 3 seconds. Install three AA alkaline batteries (included). Please observe battery polarity while installing. A set of brand new alkaline batteries will last about eight to ten months of normal usage.
If SNOOZE function is off---when the alarm sounds, pressing the SNOOZE button will stop the alarm completely.

Q: How do I set alarm on/off & alarm mode?
A: Slide the switch to OFF to disable the alarm or to stop the on-going alarm action.
Slide the switch to AUDIO, SHAKER or ALL (audio + shaker) to select your alarm mode and to set the alarm to ON.

Q: How do I test the alarm settings?
A: Press and hold TEST for 3 seconds; the alarm is triggered for a period of 10 seconds and then returns to the Clock mode.

Q: How do I use the clock as a Timer?
Press MODE to go to the Timer mode; press and hold SET for 3 seconds to select.
Press UP or DN to set the desired hour setting, press SET to select. Repeat these steps to set the desired minute setting.
Press DN to start/stop the timer countdown (if DN is not pressed within 15 seconds the clock will return to regular time-keeping mode).
When the set time expires, the alarm will sound-off (using the same alarm mode as the alarm clock setting) for 30 seconds (unless stopped by pressing any of the top keys).

Q: How do I show the room temperature?
Press MODE to go to the Thermometer mode; the room temperature appears.
If needed, press UP to set reading in C or F.
Press MODE to return to the clock mode.

Q: What are the main functions of this clock?
A: Clock, alarm clock, timer, thermometer, and flashlight.

Q: What are the alarm modes?
A: Vibration, audible alarm or flasher; or, a combination of all these.

Q: How strong is the vibration?
A: About 8200 rpm at .21A.

Q: What adjustments do you have on the audible alarm?
A: The alarm has three levels of adjustment each in tone and volume.

Q: How does the snooze work?
A: The snooze will sound-off the alarm again in eight-minute intervals for a total of seven times.

Q: What type of battery does it use and how long will the battery last?
A: The VA-3 uses 3 AA alkaline batteries (included) and will last 8-10 months of normal use.

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