Universal Phone Amplifier for Loud and Clarity Model UA-45

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Instantly turn your home phone into an amplified phone.

  • Converts virtually any corded landline telephone into an amplified phone.
  • Enjoy louder, clearer conversations with volume amplified up to 45+dB.
  • Tone control switch enhances low to high frequency for added clarity.
  • Unit connects easily between the handset and base.
  • +
    • Amplifies incoming voices to 45+dB so you can hear better on the phone.
    • Selectable Digital Tone Enhancement enhances the speech frequencies you can’t hear well, making difficult words understandable again.
    • Automatic Gain Control optimizes sound level for superior listening comfort.
    • Latest Digital Sound Processing (DSP) technology eliminates most unwanted distortion, echo effects, and static commonly found in ordinary amplifiers.
    • Works with virtually all corded landline telephones, connecting between the handset and base.
    • Battery (9V) for power outage backup not included; optional AC Adapter sold separately.


    Q: ON / OFF indicator is dim or does not turn ON
    A: Replace the battery.

    Q: Cannot hear a dial tone or cannot hear each other.
    A: Make sure the Compatibility switch is in the proper setting.

    Q: There is a loud squealing sound in my handset.
    A: Try to change the compatibility switch on the right side to find the best quality sound (Compatibility 7 selection is bypass, it will not amplify incoming sound).


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