Two Way Pagers Wireless Nurse Call System

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Get the attention or help you need, instantly!

  • Summon assistance at the press of a button from either unit
  • No more yelling, intercoms, or bedside bells!
  • Battery -life is approximately 7-Days with full charge
  • Ideal for family members or patient/caregiver to stay connected
  • Bright flasher, audible tone or strong vibration alert modes
  • Rechargeable and ready to use out of the box
    • Easy to use—immediate contact at the press of a button. 
    • Two-way alerts with auto-receipt confirmation, reassures the sender that help is on the way.
    • Three selectable alert modes: bright flasher, adjustable loud ringtone, and strong vibration.
    • Long 100-foot range alert reaches most locations in a standard-sized house.


    • Unique channel selection eliminates mixing or interference from neighboring systems.
    • Lightweight, compact and easy to wear on a belt or around your neck (belt clip & lanyard included).
    • Can interface with an external switch for custom installation.
    • Charger and rechargeable batteries included.

    PG200 FAQ

    Q: Why is the 2Way Pager your best choice in personal paging system?
    A: Three reasons:
    One, two-way paging is better than one-way paging. Our 2Way Pager allows you to page back to the sender to acknowledge that you have received the page.
    Second, its longer range allows you to reach anyone anywhere in and outside the house.
    Third, its multiple and selectable alerts (visual flasher, loud audible tone, and strong vibration) guarantee that no page will be missed.

    Q: What is the range of the 2Way Pager?
    A: It has a range of 100 ft radius in open space.

    Q: How may pagers can be used in a system?
    A: You can have up to a total of 4 pagers in any system.

    Q: Will my system interfere with other 2Way Pager systems nearby?
    A: No, each system has its unique channel and it will not interfere with other systems nearby.

    Q: How long will it take to fully recharge the battery?
    A: About three hours.

    Q: How often do I have to replace the battery?
    A: The rechargeable battery may only need to be replaced in two or more years.

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