underPillow™ AC Power Adapter with Sleep Sound

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Get the best night’s rest you’ve ever had!

  • Ultra-slim, hi-fi speaker slides under your pillow.
  • Play music or built-in nature sounds to calm nerves.
  • Foreign language learning tool.
  • Connects to your smart phone, MP3/CD player, or TV.
  • Ideal for tinnitus, anxiety, or insomnia sufferers.
  • One-hour timer decreases volume as you drift off to sleep.
  • Uses AC adapter (included).


Product Features

  • Soft, ultra-thin design ideal for under-pillow use—will not disrupt normal sleeping positions.
  • Premium, high fidelity speakers deliver rich, full, balanced sound.
  • Built-in, pre-recorded soothing nature sounds effectively help overcome the interference of tinnitus.
  • Download your favorite audio files; up to 30 minutes of downloadable audio including white noise.
  • Connect to your own audio devices and listen to music, TV, audiobooks, and more.
  • Listen throughout the night or use the built-in, one-hour auto-stop timer.
  • AC adapter included – no worries about battery replacement.

PS 200

Q: How long is the built-in nature sound?
A: It is about 30 minutes long and it will repeat as a loop unless it is stopped.

Q: Can I listen to other program sources other than the built-in nature sound?
A: Yes, just plug in the audio output from your source using the provided cable-radio, TV, smartphone, audiobook or whatever into the AUX IN port of the PS-200 control box. Then, select AUX as input.

Q: Can I download my music into the PS-200 memory?
A: You can download up to 30 minutes of your favorite music from your source. Just connect your USB-to-micro USB cable to the D/L IN port of the PS200 for downloading.

Q: If I have downloaded my music into the memory, what will be the playing sequence?
A: The PS-200 will play your downloaded music first, followed by the nature-sound. These will be repeated in a loop until it is stopped. To skip any recording, just press the < > arrow key.

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