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Hearing Aid Care

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  1. ReNew® Hearing Aid Dryer & Freshener - Model DB-100
    59.95 $59.95

    Keep your hearing aid operating like new!

  2. Regular use extends the life of expensive hearing aids and cochlear implant.
  3. Uses dry, gentle heat and air convection to dehumidify, refresh, and sanitize.
  4. Removes harmful surface moisture and UV-light inhibits bacterial growth.
  5. Eco-friendly and more cost-efficient than chemicals or desiccants.
  6. Compact, lightweight, portable, and easy to open.
  7. Built-in battery tester and simple, one-touch operation.
  8. Holds two pairs of hearing instruments at a time.
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  • Hearing Aid Mini-Vacuum Cleaner - Model HC-2001
    59.95 $59.95

    Extend the life of your hearing aids.

  • Gently removes ear wax, moisture, and dust from hearing aids.
  • Reduces stress and saves on repair and maintenance costs.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic design for ease and comfort.
  • Enhances the performance and life of your devices.
  • Includes two suction tips and a cleaning brush.
  • Battery operated (4 AA batteries not included).
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