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HearAll™ Portable Cell Phone Amplifier for Smart Phones - Model SA-40

Item Code: SA-1001

Model: SA-40

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Hear every word, even in the noisiest environments!

  • Pairs to smart phones using Bluetooth®.
  • No more straining to understand on your cell.
  • Up to 40dB amplification, with volume and tone controls.
  • Eliminates static and interference
  • T-coil and hearing aid-compatible.
  • Loud, clear speakerphone with car visor clip.
  • * Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

    • Works with virtually any Bluetooth-enabled cell phone or mobile device.
    • Amplifies up to 40dB.
    • Talk time up to 10 hours.
    • Effective with or without hearing aids.
    • Adjustable tone setting amplifies the Low, Mid, or High frequency that you can't hear well, to help distinguish between similar sounding words.
  • Use as a handset instead of your cell to reduce radiation exposure.
  • Latest Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology eliminates static and distortion.
  • Padded receiver grill adds comfort and noise isolation.
  • Built-in T-Coil Mode for crisp, clear sound through a T-Coil hearing aid, without distortion.
  • Speakerphone Mode with magnetic visor clip provides hands-free operation in your car.

    Bluetooth is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

    SA-40 FAQ

    Q: My caller cannot hear me.
    A: You may have your mute button on. If the light is on, press the mute button once and your caller should be able to hear you.

    Q: Will voice command work with the SA-40 to access voicemails?
    A: Yes, if your cell phone supports this operation.

    Q: If I am using my SA-40 as a handset, must I leave my cell phone turned on?
    A: Yes, your cell phone must be turned on.

    Q: My SA-40 is turned on and is paired with my cell phone, but I cannot receive or make calls?
    A: Your SA-40 works within a range of 30 feet from your paired cell phone.

    Q: How do I reset to factory default?
    A: To reset, press and hold SA-40 "VOL+" button and the "Talk" button for 10 seconds so you hear 5 beeps.
    The reason to reset your SA-40 is when the unit is not connecting to your phone or it will not release and allow you to connect to a different phone.

    Q: Can I use the SA-40 if I wear a T-Coil Hearing Aid?
    A: YES! The SA-40 was designed with a special T-Coil mode setting. When the SA-40 is set to "T", those who wear a T-Coil hearing aid will hear their caller's voice directly through their hearing aid with no annoying static/interference! No sound will be emitted from the SA-40 in this mode, allowing total privacy.

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