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Bluetooth Devices

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  1. HearAll™ Portable Cell Phone Amplifier for Smart Phones - Model SA-40
    79.95 $79.95

    Hear every word, even in the noisiest environments!

  2. Pairs to smart phones using Bluetooth®.
  3. No more straining to understand on your cell.
  4. Up to 40dB amplification, with volume and tone controls.
  5. Eliminates static and interference
  6. T-coil and hearing aid-compatible.
  7. Loud, clear speakerphone with car visor clip.
  8. * Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG.

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  • High-Definition 50+dB Amplified Talking CID Phone - Bluetooth® Connectivity to Cell - Model HD-70
    179.95 $179.95

    Ideal for people with both hearing loss and low vision.

  • User selectable backlit keypad colors (blue and amber).
  • Hear all of your landline and cell phone calls better at home.
  • Amplifies incoming sound by up to 50+ decibels for optimal understanding.
  • Adjustable Digital Tone Enhancement makes speech crystal-clear.
  • Connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth® for improves cell conversations.
  • Talking Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Missed Calls announce who is trying to reach you.
  • Includes speed-dial buttons, speakerphone, and loud ringer/bright flasher.
  • Hearing aid-compatible audio jack for neck loop and other assistive devices.
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  • Wireless Super Bed Shaker™ Bluetooth Alarm Clock - Model SS-201
  • New Wireless Bluetooth Super Bed Shaker!
  • Supports up to 8 alarm settings.
  • Device remembers alarm settings even when phone is off.
  • Powerful vibration guaranteed to wake the deepest sleeper.
  • Get notifications of calls, texts, and messages.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 45 days.
  • Includes free App for iOS or Android.
  • Portable for home or travel.
  • Bluetooth® is a trademark of Bluetooth SIG, Inc.

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  • instaLINK™ Wearable Smart Phone Alert Watch - Model iL-100
    69.95 $69.95

    Don’t miss another call or message.

  • Stylish Bluetooth® watch frees you from checking your phone.
  • Know what’s coming in on your cell at a glance!
  • Vibrates when a call, text, or social media message is received.
  • Device features 8 alarms, in addtion to 8 medicine reminders.
  • Free iOS or Android app.
  • Rechargeable battery lasts up to 7-Days on a full charge.
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