SEREONIC Portable Wireless TV Speakers - Ideal for TV Watching Without The Blaring Volume - Wireless Smart TV Speakers for Hard of Hearing, Elderly, and Seniors - RF Transmitter, 100ft Range

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Wireless TV speakers for seniors with hearing loss, bring crystal-clear sound right to you!

  • No More Blaring Volume Or Straining To Hear Your Favorite Programs.
  • Improved Sound Quality - Louder And Richer Sound.
  • Tone Control Setting For More Audio Clarity
  • Improved Battery Life Up To 8 Hours Of Use With User Replaceable Rechargeable Battery.
  • New Snooze Function Once Activated The Sound Will Decrease Gradually And Shut Off After 1 Hour.
  • Several Options For Audio Connectivity:  Analog and Digital Optical.
  • HDMI Connection Possible Through Our HDMI Converter (Sold Separately). 
  • Voice Clarifying Technology Makes TV Dialogue Clearer.
  • Simple To Use And Easy To Install, Optical Cable Included.
  • Experience Our Best-Selling Product For Yourself!
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How To connect your TV Soundbox
Pairing Instructions
How to change battery

The SEREONIC TV-SoundBox lets you hear and enjoy your favorite shows at a volume that won’t disturb others. This simple to use wireless TV speaker connects to your TV or cable box by simply connecting the base via an analog or optical audio cable (cables provided with the speaker).  You can also connect to your TV using HDMI cable using our HDMI converter (sold separately). You may also connect to streaming video services such as Netflix that output Dolby Digital audio signal by using our Dolby Digital converter (sold separately).  Once the base is connected you can place the wireless speaker next to your chair or bed (up to 100 feet away). It works independently from your TV’s volume, so you can turn the TV volume down or completely off. This updated model features a user replaceable rechargeable battery and a sleep timer that when activated the sound will fade to a very low volume after 1 hour. Compatible with all TVs, including the newest Smart TVs with digital audio output.

  • Brings TV or audio sound directly to you, hence improving dialogue intelligibility..
  • Hi-fi speaker delivers loud, life-like sound and crystal-clear dialog.
  • Improved sound quality - Louder and richer sound.
  • Improved battery life with user replaceable Lithium-Ion battery.
  • 1-hour sleep timer - once activated you dose off to gentle southing volume.
  • Works with smartTV equiped with analog and digital TV audio outputs.
  • Volume control works independently of your TV, allowing you to turn the TV volume down or off. Can also be used with headphones.
  • Adjustable Voice Tone Enhancement makes each word fully intelligible and easier to comprehend.
  • Completely wireless and lightweight with a convenient handle to carry it with you, even to another room.
  • Easy to install. Simply plug the transmitter (cable included) into the audio-out ports of your TV, cable-box, or music system. (Adapter accessories available for purchase when needed.) 
  • The transmitter serves as a charging dock when the Receiver is not in use.
  • Built-in user replaceable rechargeable battery provides up to 8 hours of listening time.

Transmission: ........................ 2.4 GHz Radio Frequency

Speakers: ............................. 2x5W Class D

Speaker Battery: .................. Built-in Lithium Ion Battery

Digital Optical Cable ............ TOSLINK rectangular type

Audio Format Support ......... LPCM 44kHz, 96kHz

Operating Range: ................. Over 30m (100 feet) in an open field

AC Adapter Power: .............. 100-240VAC/50-60 Hz input; 5VDC 2.0A output

Listening Time: ..................... About 8 hours {at 50% volume)

Dimensions: ......................... 24x17x8 cm {9x7x3.25")

Weight: ................................. 800 gm. {1.7 lb.)



Q: I want to be able to hear my TV at various locations in my home without moving the Receiver. How can I do that?
A:  Purchase additional Receivers from Serene. The set-up is simple.

Q: I want to put the Receiver at a fixed location, what do I have to do?
A:  Purchase an AC adapter from Serene and plug it into the Receiver as a power source and for recharging the battery. That way, you don’t need to put the Receiver on the Base for recharging.

Q: How do I know that the battery is running low?
A: The low battery/charging indicator on the Receiver will blink.

Q: How do I know that the battery is fully charged?
A: The low battery charging indicator will stay steadily lit.

Q: What type of battery is used?
A:  A lithium-ion rechargeable battery (type18650 - 2600mAh) is used in the Receiver.

Q: How long can the Receiver run on battery?
A:  About 8 hours continuous use (mid-volume range)

Q:  What is the range of the Receiver?
A:  It will cover every corner of a typical house (Up to 30m/100 feet in open areas)

Q: Do I need to take the Receiver off the base once it is fully charged?
A: You do not need to take the Receiver off the base when it is fully charged.  It is not recommended to leave the Receiver charging continuously for more than 7 days.

Q: Can you purchase the battery separately for the Receiver?
A:  Yes, you can purchase the battery separately either from our website or other retailers.

Q: Can the TV Soundbox work with Streaming Channels (i.e. Netflix, Hulu)?
A:  Yes. TV Soundbox must be connected via optical- digital audio-out port in order to work with built-in TV applications. (i.e. Hulu, Netflix, etc.).  ( optical PCM audio format only)

Q: Why do I have to connect to the TV’s optical- digital audio out port for the Streaming Channels?
A:  Some Streaming Channels only provide the sound output on the TV’s optical digital audio out ports but not on its analog output port

Q:  I have a TV Soundbox but there is no sound. I connected it to the back of the Television, but still no sound. I do have a cable box, what can I do?
A:  Make sure the receiver and the base is paired. Connect the TV Soundbox to the source of where the channels are being played, to the Audio Out (Red and White Color) Port or Optical- Digital Audio Out port

Q: I connected the base to the TV's Earphone output jack. Why is there still no sound?
A: On some TVs, you need to activate the Earphone jack. Use your TV remote to go to the TV setting menu, select Audio and follow the instructions in your TV's user manual.

Q: I connected the Base to the TV Audio-out ports. Why is there still no sound?
A: On some TVs, you need to activate the Audio-out ports. Use your TV remote to go to the TV setting menu, select Audio and follow the instructions in your TV's user manual.

Q: I don’t have Earphone or Audio-out ports on my TV, but it does have an optical Output port. How do I connect the Base to my TV?
A:  Use the optical cable provided.  This is recommended for best sound effects. This solution can be used only if your TV has an Optical-out port on the back panel. (Note: PCM audio format only)

Q: Can I mute my TV and still listen to TV through my TV Soundbox®?
A: Yes, you can. If you encounter difficulties, please consult your TV’s user manual. You may need to adjust the TV Audio setting.

Q: Do I need to turn the base or Receiver off after shutting off the TV?
A:  There is no on/off switch on the base. When no audio signal is detected, the base will turn into standby mode after three minutes, and the Receiver will turn itself off  after 5 minutes.

Q: What happens if I forget to turn off the Receiver?
A:  The Receiver will turn itself off five minutes if no audio is received from the base.  To turn it on again, turn the Volume knob to Off and then to On again.


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