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Amplified Telephones

  1. Big Button, Loud Volume 50+ dB,Talking CID Cordless Phone and Talking Keypad - Model CL-60
    149.95 $149.95

    All-in-one phone for severe hearing loss.


    • 50+dB amplification with High-Definition Sound and Digital Tone Control.
    • Every conversation can now be clear and easily understood.
    • Large LCD display.
    • Display and talking features in English, French, or Spanish.
    • Hearing-aid compatible with accessory jack for neck loop or headset.
    • One-touch speed dials and emergency Help button.


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  2. High-Definition 50+dB Amplified Talking CID Phone - Bluetooth® Connectivity to Cell - Model HD-70
    179.95 $179.95

    Ideal for people with both hearing loss and low vision.

  3. User selectable backlit keypad colors (blue and amber).
  4. Hear all of your landline and cell phone calls better at home.
  5. Amplifies incoming sound by up to 50+ decibels for optimal understanding.
  6. Adjustable Digital Tone Enhancement makes speech crystal-clear.
  7. Connects to your smart phone via Bluetooth® for improves cell conversations.
  8. Talking Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Missed Calls announce who is trying to reach you.
  9. Includes speed-dial buttons, speakerphone, and loud ringer/bright flasher.
  10. Hearing aid-compatible audio jack for neck loop and other assistive devices.
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  • High-Definition Amplified 26+dB Speakerphone with Photo Memory - Model HD-40P
    67.95 $67.95

    For users with mild to moderate hearing loss

  • Boosts amplification up to 26+dB for crystal-clear conversations.
  • High-Definition Sound and Digital Sound Processing technology.
  • Use with state-of-the-art speakerphone or hearing aid-compatible handset.
  • Nine convenient photo memory buttons for quick, one-touch dialing.
  • Super-loud ringer and dual flashers for incoming call notification.
  • Powered by the telephone line, no AC adapter required.
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  • High-Definition 50+dB Amplified Multilingual CID Phone - Model HD-65
    174.95 $174.95

    Designed for individuals with hearing loss

  • Amplifies the other person’s voice up to 50+ decibels to help you hear better.
  • High-definition technology and Digital Tone Settings make most words intelligible.
  • Display items and talking features in choice of English, French, or Spanish.
  • Large, lighted buttons, easy-to-see menu, and one-touch speed dial.
  • Loud speaker phone.
  • Extra-loud ringer and two bright flashers notify you of incoming calls.
  • Hearing-aid compatible with output jack for assistive devices.
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  • High-Definition 55+dB Amplified Phone - Model HD-60
    149.95 $149.95

    The most powerful amplification for users with severe hearing loss!

  • Increases incoming volume up to a powerful 55+dB amplification.
  • Enhances word clarity with Digital Tone Setting and Hi-Def Sound technology.
  • Super-loud 95+dB ringer, two bright flashers, and audible off-hook alert.
  • Large backlit keys and 12 one-touch memory buttons.
  • Hearing-aid compatible with output jack for assistive device.
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