Big-Button Loud 50+dB Talking CID Cordless Phone w/ Slow-Playback Answering Machine

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All-in-one phone/answering machine for severe hearing loss.

  • 50+dB amplification with High-Definition Sound and Digital Tone Control.
  • Every conversation can now be clear and easily understood.
  • Amplified, slow play-back answering machine makes messages intelligible.
  • Display in English, French, or Spanish and talking features in English and French.
  • Hearing aid-compatible with accessory jack for neck loop or headset.
  • One-touch speed dials and emergency Help button.
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Product Features

  • Amplifies incoming voice up to 50+dB.
  • High-Definition Sound (HDS) technology makes every word crisp and clear.
  • Digital Tone Control enhances voice frequency and makes difficult-to-hear words easy to understand.
  • Three selectable languages (English, French, and Spanish) on handset display.
  • Talking Caller ID with Call Waiting* announces the caller’s number before answering, in English or French.
  • Large, lighted talk-back keys confirm pressed number in English, French, or Spanish.
  • Slow play-back makes all messages understandable the first time playing.
  • Easy-to-use 150-contact phone book with dialed and received call logs.
  • Three one-touch speed dial buttons.
  • One-touch Help button for emergency calls and reaching important contacts quickly. 
  • High-performance speakerphone. 
  • Bright visual ring flasher and super-loud ringer on handset and base.
  • DECT 6.0 technology for superior range and interference-free calls.
  • Battery back-up for full operation during power outage (Battery not included).
  • Output jack for tele-coil, neck-loop, and other assistive accessories for hearing aid and cochlear implant users.
  • Hearing aid-compatible handset 
  • Expandable up to four (4) handsets in total (sold seperately).


Q: No display on handset.
A: Verify the battery is charged and making good contact. Also, make sure the handset is not powered off.

Q: What if I wear T-coil hearing aids?
A: Turn on the T-coil in your hearing aids and talk normally.

Q: How long will the Base backup battery last?
A: It will give you up to 4 hours of continuous talk time.

Q: Handset flasher works but the handset does not ring.
A1: Verify that the handset ringer volume is not set to its minimum setting.
A2: Verify “Non-Disturb” is not active. To deactivate 'Non-Disturb", press and hold # for six seconds.

Q: How do I turn off the talking keypad feature?
A: Open the battery compartment and slide the lower switch to its left or OFF.

Q: How do I change the voice prompts in my answering machine to a different language?
A: You can select either English, French, or Spanish. While off-line, press and hold the Vol + key on the base for 3 seconds to change to the next language. Repeat to cycle through the languages.

Q: The handset shows “LINE BUSY” & I can’t make or receive calls. What can I do to fix this?
A: This is happening because your phone line is busy. First, check and see if your phone line is being used by another handset or device (if so, discontinue usage to free up the phone line). If the problems persist, you will have to reset the handset and the base unit. It should not happen at all during normal operation, but in the event, you encounter this due to unforeseen reasons, follow the instructions below to reset the handset and the base unit: Remove the batteries from the handset and the base station. Then disconnect the power cord from behind the base (black cable). Wait 15-30 seconds and plug in the base station first, then re-insert the batteries on the handset.

Q: Why is the red flasher always blinking?
A1: This indicates you have a missed call or a voicemail message.
A2: Going into your call list to review your missed call clears this indicator.
A3: Press Talk and then End, this will turn the light off.

Q: My phone keeps hanging up my calls after a couple of minutes? Why?
A1: Make sure that the battery meter on the upper right-hand side corner on the display shows it’s at least half full.
A2: Open the battery compartment on the handset and make sure you are using rechargeable batteries only.

Q: How do I activate the speaker?
A: Press the “TALK” button once if you are already on the line, twice if you are not on the line. Press “TALK” again to turn it off.

Q: There is no CID information on an incoming call.
A: Check your subscription with your phone company. You must have a CID subscription with your phone company for this option to work.

Q: Why does the base beep once every 30 seconds?
A: You have set the New Message Audio Alert to ON and it beeps because you have new messages on your answering machine. You may turn off this feature by pressing the “Delete” key once while offline.

Q: The handset shows “DO NOT DISTURB” and won’t ring when there is an incoming call. How do I deactivate that feature?
A: Your phone is using the “DO NOT DISTURB” features designed for those times when you do not wish to take calls. To deactivate this feature, when off the line, press and hold the “#” button for 5 seconds.

Q: My handset shows and flashes “Base 1” or “Unregistered”. What does this mean?
A1: Your handset is not registered to the base station. Since there is no connection between the handset and the base unit, it will not allow you to receive or make calls with that particular handset until it has been registered with the base.
A2: To register, press “PAGE” on the phone base for 6 seconds. The base will beep twice. Next, press “PAGE” on the handset for 6 seconds and then you will hear the beeps from the handset and it will display HS1 or HS2, depending on the number of handsets registered to the main base.

Q: How do I change the number of rings on the base station?
A: Press and hold the slow button 3 seconds, then use the volume up and volume down buttons for selection. Then press the slow button once to confirm.

Q: The melody is more of a song and I want it to be a regular ring.
A: On the handset – Press the MENU button, go to HS SETTINGS, then go to RING SETUP, then go to EXT RING, then go to MELODY, cycle through all the preset ring melodies and press MENU to select the melody you prefer.

Q: Change from Pulse to Tone?
A: On the handset press the MENU button – Go to BS SETTINGS, then to DIAL MODE, and select TONE or PULSE

Q: The handset will not repeat the numbers being pressed on the keypad. The button in the battery area is to the correct location.
A: Slide the bottom button in the battery area to the right; take the batteries out for about 30 seconds, replace the batteries, then slide bottom button in the battery area to the left. Try the number buttons to see if it worked.

Q: I have a lifeline with a CL60A hooked up. The light on the base and phone continuously blinks and the phone says "in use" but works fine. Can I turn the light off?
A: The lifeline sometimes effects some of the features on the phone. Unfortunately, you cannot turn the light off.

Q: There is too much static noise in the receiver.
A1: If your phone is located near a touch lamp, microwave, or other similar appliances, it may interfere with the signal on the receiver. Try moving the phone to a different location.
A2: If you have a DSL computer modem service, make sure you have installed a DSL filter to block the DSL noise. DSL filters can be purchased at RadioShack, Best Buy, Walmart or other electronic stores with telephone products. You may also get the DSL filters FREE from your phone company/DSL Provider.

Q: The other party’s voice comes out of the back of the handset instead of the receiver.
A: You are in speaker mode. Press “TALK” to disable speaker mode.

Q: Can I put alkaline batteries (non-rechargeable) in the base or handset?
A: No! The use of non-rechargeable batteries can cause battery leakage and will void your phone's warranty!

Q: What if I do not install backup batteries in the base?
A: We strongly suggest that you do, your phone will be 100% operational, even when there is a power outage. Make sure to use RECHARGEABLE batteries.

Q: How should I dispose of used batteries?
A: Do not dispose of used batteries in the trash. Always recycle used batteries through the local community recycling center.

Q: The other party can’t hear me.
A1: Check the screen to see if the microphone is being muted. If so, press the menu button to disable the mute feature.
A2: Blow in the mic to see if it’s clogged.
A3: Recharge the handset if the battery is low.

Q: The red speed dial button goes automatically to speakerphone. Can I change it?
A: No. The first red speed dial button is designed to be used for emergency calls. The speaker function is very helpful if someone is hurt or having a difficult time.

Q: I cannot hear the other party very well.
A: Press the “AMP” key for extra amplification. Adjust the tone controls to get the best voice clarity. Recharge the handset if the battery icon shows that the battery is low.

Q: I cannot program one-touch memories (on handset only).
A: Programming must be done while the phone is off-line. Enter the number and press and hold the memory key for five seconds to save.

Q: How can I turn off the "talking" voice or “talking” keypad?
A: Open the battery compartment and set the "talking" selection switch to off (2nd slide switch).

Q: Can I change the voice level of the talking caller ID?
A: No, it’s fixed.

Q: There is no response when I press any key; what do I do?
A: Verify you are using RECHARGEABLE batteries. Take out the battery for a few seconds and re-insert. Verify no keys are jammed.

Q: What if I want the amplifier on every time I use the phone?
A: Open the battery compartment and set the Auto-Amplifier switch to the ON position (top slide switch).

Q: What if the incoming voice is too loud for my family members?
A: Set the Auto-Amplifier in the battery compartment to Off (See page 10 in the manual). Whenever the amplify feature is needed, press the AMP button on the front keypad.

Q: The phone refuses to register.
A: Base memory must be wiped out. To restore, press and hold the PAGE button on base until it beeps. Quickly press base “PAGE” seven times. The base flasher will begin flashing faster, indicating that it has deleted the memory. This will allow you to now register normally.

Q: The base charging indicator light is not on when the handset is placed on the base.
A: Move the handset slightly to make better contact with the base.

Q: How do I erase a phone number from a speed dial button?
A: Hold the particular speed dial button down for 6 seconds until you hear a beep (handset only).

Q: Why doesn't the base ring when the handset is on the base?
A1: When the handset is on the base, only the handset will ring.
A2: If your handset is not ringing either, check to see if your handset is in Do Not Disturb Mode or if the volume is low when ringing.

Q: Phone is no longer announcing the incoming call.
A: Make sure the lower left switch in the battery compartment is set to ON.

Q: My handset won’t work. I put new rechargeable batteries in and it says it’s charging but the screen is blank.
A: Take the batteries out and put the handset on the base. If it says low battery, the handset is ok. If black/blue squares come up, the handset is trying to reset the software and it’s a bad handset.

Q: When I press the talk key, the handset just beeps but there is no dial tone and I cannot make a call.
A1: The handset probably lost sync with the base. Press and hold the END key for 5 seconds to turn off the handset power, and then repeat to turn back on the power. They should sync up in about 5 – 30 seconds.
A2: Check the AC adapter and the phone cord connection (refer to page 9 of the user’s manual).
A3: Make sure you are not too far from the base.
A4: Check the phone cord by replacing it with a cord from another phone that is in working order.
A5: Press the “TALK” button and verify if the online indicator light is on. The base should light up if the “TALK” button is pressed on the handset (if the base does not light up, the handset and the base will need to be registered together).
A6: If this is a new handset, verify that the batteries are charged and installed correctly in the battery compartment. Remember; you must register it to the base before using.

To register: Press and hold the “PAGE” button on the base for six seconds; a confirmation tone should sound. Then press and hold the “PAGE” button on the handset for six seconds. Base and handset should register.

Q: How do I reset the phone to factory settings?
A: Hold the page button down on the base for about 5 seconds until you hear a beep. Then push the page button 7 times. This will do a reset.

Q: The phone is ringing very low and I can hardly hear it.
A: Have someone call your phone, while it’s ringing, push the volume up button on the side of the phone about 5 times in a row.

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