Photo Memory Phone For Seniors With Dementia With 26+ dB Amplification

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For users with mild to moderate hearing loss

  • Boosts amplification up to 26+dB for crystal-clear conversations.
  • High-Definition Sound and Digital Sound Processing technology.
  • Use with state-of-the-art speakerphone or hearing aid-compatible handset.
  • Nine convenient photo memory buttons for quick, one-touch dialing.
  • Super-loud ringer and dual flashers for incoming call notification.
  • Powered by the telephone line, no AC adapter required.
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  • High-Definition Sound technology for unmatched clarity, a new standard in amplified telephone technology.
  • Amplifies incoming sound up to 26+dB.
  • Selectable Digital Tone Setting lets you boost the speech frequencies you can't hear well, for enhanced understanding.
  • Advanced Digital Sound Processing technology eliminates virtually all unwanted distortion, echo effects, and static commonly found in other amplified phones.
  • Nine easy-to-set up photo memory buttons for quick one-touch dialing.
  • Super-loud 85+dB ringer with adjustable volume and tone, plus two bright visual flashers (front and side) for incoming call notifications.
  • Powered by the telephone line, no AC adapter required.
  • Hearing aid-compatible handset.


Amplified dB level (Amplify off):  0 to 15 dB

Amplified dB level (Amplify on):  15 to 26 dB (measured at 2.8 Khz with Tone=4)

Speakerphone:  Yes

Tone control settings:  4 settings (T1 = lowest tone, T4 = highest tone)

Photo memory buttons:  9

Dialing method:  Tone /  Pulse

Ringer loudness: Hi – Mid – Low

Ring flasher:  Yes (front and side)

Ringer tone:  Low – High

Redial / Pause, Flash keys:  Yes

Auto-Amplify Switch:  Yes

Amplify indicator:  Yes

Electronic Hold with indicator:  Yes

Telephone line power operation:  Yes


Handset size:  7.0” x 2.1” x 1.2”

Base size:  6.7” x 3.1” x 5.0”


Handset weight:  5.7 oz.

Base weight:  19 oz.

Temperature range:

Operating:   0 to 30°C

Storage:     -10 to 40°C

UPC Code: 860007949135


Q: What do the different TONE settings on the HD phones mean?
A: There are 4 TONE settings:
Amplifies the low frequencies making the lower pitched sounds easier to hear. This setting is for people with low-frequency hearing loss.
Amplifies all sound frequencies equally making every word full volume and natural sounding. This is the common setting for most people.
Boosts the middle to high frequencies making each word more intelligible. This is for people with mild high-frequency hearing loss.
Amplifies the high frequencies making high pitched sounds more distinguishable and easier to understand. This is for people with severe hearing loss and for those with difficulties hearing high pitch sounds.

Q: What is the advantage of these preset TONE SETTINGS?
A: Unlike the ordinary sliding tone control, this is far easier to use and more accurate. That is, once you have chosen a setting that suits your hearing the best, you will always get the same clarity and results when you return to the same setting.

Q: Why is there no effect when I move the Tone control?
A: For the Tone control to be effective, the AMPLIFIER must be turned On.

Q: While using the HD40P speakerphone, why does the other party have trouble hearing me some of the times?
A: This may happen only if you have DSL internet service on the same line or if you have too many extension phones in the house. We suggest that you connect a "filter" between the wall phone-line outlet and your HD40P phone. Such inexpensive "filters" are readily available from Radio Shack, Best Buy or any electronics store and it will eliminate such a problem.

Q: What if I want the amplifier on every time I use the phone?
A: Move the Auto-Amplifier switch to the ON position on the bottom of the base.

Q: Can I change the on-hold music?
A: The music is pleasant but it is set, and cannot be changed.

Q: What if the handset is too loud for my family members?
A: Set the Auto-Amplifier switch to the OFF position on the bottom of the base. Press the amplify button to turn on the amplifier when needed.

Q: What if I wear T-coil hearing aids?
A: Turn on the T-coil in your hearing aids and speak normally.

Q: Why is there static noise on the line?
A: If you have DSL service on your phone line, install a DSL filter on the phone jack where the phone is connected. DSL filters can be purchased at Radio Shack, Best Buy, Walmart and other retail outlet stores with telephone products.

Q: Why is there no dial tone?
A: Please verify that both the phone cord and the handset cord are plugged in properly. Please note that once you pickup the handset it will take few seconds to hear a dial tone.

Q: I have a new HD phone, I plugged it and it gets electricity, but no dial tone.
A1: If it’s a business line with magic jack or digital, it won’t work. It needs to be analog.

A2: Check handset; blow into the mouthpiece, if you get feedback, then the handset is ok. If not, swap out the phone line cord with another cord to see if it’s bad. If it still doesn’t work, make sure you are using an analog line.

Q: I hear a humming noise from the phone when it’s not in use, what is it?
A: If you have DSL, make sure you have a filter. If you have a filter, unplug the DSL line and see if that’s the issue. If not, the phone may just have a small humming noise that is generally only heard by someone with very good hearing.

Q: I’m getting feedback on the receiver.
A: Turn down the amplified volume 1 or 2 notches and keep the phone very close to your ear.

Q: I can’t use the number pad for calling in my prescriptions.
A: Your phone is set on pulse. You need to change it to Tone on the side of the phone.


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