Wireless Home Notification System - CentralAlert™ Signaler

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Stay safe and connected at home, Get instant alerts for household sounds and alarms.

  • Door Bell and Vibrating Bed Shaker Are Included
  • Various Sensors Alert You To Your Alarm Clock Ringing, Doorbell Or Knocking, Phone/Fax Calls, Smoke/CO And Other Audio Alarms, Baby Cry, Weather Alerts, Motion Detectors, And More.*
  • Get Instant Alerts For Household Sounds And Alarms.
  • Bright Flasher, Loud Audible Sound, And Powerful Bed Shaker.
  • Large (1.52" digits), Clock Display With Highly Visible Icons.
  • Customize Your System With Accessories For Door, Baby, Smoke, CO Detector And More.
  • Vibrating Bed Shaker (Included) Is Strong Enough To Awaken Even The Deepest Sleeper.
  • Easy Set-Up; No Installation Required.
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How To Use Home Central Alert System
How To Register Additional Accessories
How To Set Alarm on CA-360
CA-360 Features
Complete Tutorial Of The CA-360

Product Features

  • Various sensors alert you to your alarm clock ringing, doorbell or knocking, phone/fax calls, Smoke/CO and other audio alarms, baby cry, weather alerts, motion detectors, and more.*
  • Responds to virtually any audio alarm, including T3 or T4 tones.*
  • Wireless standard 2.4 GHz transmission technology ensures interference-free operation.
  • 150-foot radius operating range covers every corner of your home.
  • Pleasant-sounding, adjustable, high-volume audible alerts.
  • Highly visible icons that identify which sound has activated can be seen from afar.
  • Large, glowing clock face for easy viewing; brightness dims automatically at bedtime to support healthy sleep.
  • With dual alarm settings and bed shaker connections, the alarm clock is easily configured for couples.
  • Battery backup provides full operation up to 7 days in case of power outage (Battery not included).
  • Numerous accessories available for customization to meet any need.


*Accessories (sold separately) may be required for some of these functions.


Technology................................2.4 GHz Smart-Code

Phone Ringing Input...................>40 vrms, 20 to 65 Hz

Phone Jack Type.........................RJ-11

Bed-shaker output jack...............9VDC, 150mA

Alarm/NOAA Input Jack...............Input impedance greater than 5.6K Ohm, 15VDC Max, input (active low).

External Lamp output jack............9VDC, 150mA

Back-up batteries........................4 AA size NiMH batteries (user provided) Recommended >1000mAh capacity

Doorbell battery...........................(CR2032 3-Volt Lithium) Lasts 8-16 months (depending on usage)

AC Adapter output.......................9VDC, 1000mA

Operating temperature.................10 to 30 degrees C

Storage temperature.....................-10 to 40 degrees C


Specifications are subject to change without notice.



Q: Can I use more than one of each accessory with my CA-360?
A: Yes, but there are limits for different accessories; please check the user manual for details.

Q: How does the CA-AX detect the alarm?
A: The CA-AX senses the audio alarm from either smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors and sends a wireless signal to activate the CA-360.

Q: What are T3 and T4?
A: T3 and T4 are specific audio patterns for alarms. T3 are usually used by smoke alarms and T4 are usually used by CO alarms. The CA-AX and CA-360 is the only sensor that is compatible with both T3 and T4 alarms on top of regular audio alarm patterns.

Q: How is the CA-360 superior to any other similar products?
A: The CA-360 has the latest 2.4 GHz Transmission Technology that covers every corner of your home without any interference from any electrical sources. It is the only system that responds to virtually all audio alarm systems, even the newer alarms with the T3 or T4 alarm sounds. It is also the only system that monitors and responses to baby cry in real-time, that means it stops alerting you when the baby stops making any noise. And, it is the only system that alerts you to weather warnings from NOAA. Furthermore, it is the only system that provides dual alarm clock settings. In short, it's not only more reliable, it also offers more coverage than any others.

Q: What is the range of the CA-360?
A: It has a designed range of 150+ ft; it should be more than enough to cover every corner of a large home.

Q: How loud is the audio alarm?
A: The CA-360 can be as loud as 90dB at 1 foot of distance.

Q: Will my CA-360 interfere with my neighbor’s system?
A: No. The Smart Code technology of the CA-360 automatically generates an operating code that is unique only to your system and your accessories. The Smart Code can support up to thousands of CA-360 in the same vicinity without any system interferences.

Q: How do I set up the accessories to work with my CA-360?
A: It is easy. The CA-360 has a "learn" mode that automatically pairs up with each accessory and it only takes seconds to set up.

Q: Does the CA-360 have battery power backup?
A: Yes, it uses 4 AA rechargeable batteries (not included) as power backup and it will last up to 7 days of operation. However, batteries are not necessary for normal operation, but we strongly recommend you install the batteries in case of a power outage.

Q: What happens when there is a power outage?
A: During a power outage, the CA-360 runs on the backup batteries and all its functions are operating as normal. However, to save power, its clock display will light up when you press the Reset button once. For added security and convenience, the built-in flasher of the CA-360 can be used as an emergency flashlight during a power outage.

Q: How do I get Multiple CA-360's to work together?
A: Refer to page 16 for information on subbing additional CA-360's

Q: My new CA-360 displays Batt and then ascending count starts flashing when I turned it on. What do I do?
A: Your battery has run down, press and hold the reset snooze button for 6 seconds. It will reset the battery warning.

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