CentralAlert™ Loud Wireless Doorbell & Cell Phone Alert

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Who is trying to get your attention?

  • Be notified of doorbell ringing, incoming calls, and texts.
  • Unique flashing patterns and adjustable loud ring tones.
  • USB port for charging smart phone.
  • Comes with wireless doorbell.
  • Easy to use with home or cell phone.
  • Alkaline battery backup (not included).
  • Compatible with CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX, and CA-RX systems.

Product Features

  • Alerts you to the ringing of your home/cell phones, text messages, and Skype* calls, distinguished by unique flashing patterns and adjustable ring-tone loudness.
  • Simple to use. Just plug your home phone and/or set your smart phone to "vibrate" and place it on the unit.
  • Bright indicator lights flash when a call or text message has been missed.
  • USB Port serves as a convenient, dedicated charging station for your cell phone.
  • Built-in jack for optional bed shaker so you'll never miss a call, even while you sleep.
  • Battery backup in case of power outage (Alkaline batteriesnot included).


* Skype is a trademark of the Microsoft group of companies and Serene Group, Inc., is not affiliated, sponsored, authorized, or otherwise associated with or by the Microsoft group of companies.


Q: SMS text messages from my cell phone did not activate the Home / Cell Phone Sensor-Transmitter
A1: Confirm that your mobile phone outputs an audible signal on the headset jack.
A2: Select the cell phone mode that provides the strongest and longest vibration time.
A3: Use the short cable to directly connect your mobile phone to the CA-Mini.

Q: Home / Cell Phone Sensor-Transmitter flashes randomly when no calls have been received.
A1: Make sure the unit is not placed on an uneven surface
A2: If it is placed next to a strong RF system, try moving the unit further away.
A3: Press the "RESET" button and replace the cellphone on the platform.
A4: Make sure the unit is not placed on a vibrating surface, for instance, a countertop with kitchen tools. Move the unit to a stable surface.
A5: The cell phone was not placed correctly on the resting platform. Carefully replace your cell phone on the holder of the unit.

Q: Will the Home / Cell Phone Sensor-Transmitter detect WEA alerts?
A: If your cell phone provider provides Wireless Emergency Alerts, the CA-Mini will detect them.

Q: Must I have the Home / Cell Phone Sensor-Transmitter plugged into the AC Adapter, to use the USB Charging Port to charge my cell phone?
A: Yes, you must use the AC Adapter.

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