CentralAlert™ Portable Remote Receiver

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For instant notification wherever you are at home

  • Wireles, portable remote reciever.
  • Built-in RF repeater to extend coverage area.
  • Compatible with CA-360. CA-380, CA-PX systems.
  • Extends to 200-foot radius.
  • Battery back-up can support up to 48 hours of power outage.


For instant notification wherever you are at home

  • Remote receiver for CentralAlert CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX System.
  • Built-in repeater function to extend your CentralAlert system.
  • Provide bright flasher, loud speaker, and bedshaker outputs.
  • Bulit-in SOS panic-button to page other CentralAlert recievers.
  • Use 3 AA size NiMH rechargeable batteries (not included).


Q: How far away from the CA-360 can I place the CA-RX?
A: It has a design range of 200+ ft, so you can place it anywhere in your home.


Q: Is there any precaution I should take for the placement of the CA-RX?
A: Avoid placing the CA-RX on any metallic surfaces as this may interfere with the receiving signals.


Q: The CA-RX seems to be working and lights up when pressed, but why is my CA-360 not responding?
A: Most likely, your CA-RX is not connected with your CA-360 yet. Make sure that your CA-360 is paired with your CA-RX. Refer to your CA-360 for the pairing instructions. Another possibility is that your CA-RX is out of range, over 200 ft away from your CA-360. You can fix this problem by simply bringing them closer together.


Q: Does the CA-RX have battery power backup?
A: Yes, it uses 3 AA rechargeable batteries (not included) as power backup and it will last up to 72 hours of operation. However, batteries are not necessary for normal operation, but we strongly recommend that you install them in case of a power outage.


Q: If I do not have the CA-360, can I still use the CA-RX?
A: Yes. The CA-RX can be activated directly only by these accessories, CA-AX, CA-BX, CA- DB, CA-DX, CA-MX, CA-SOS, and CA-NOAA, to alert you, please refer to the user manual for more information. But for your convenience and for complete coverage, we strongly suggest that you use the CA-RX as an accessory for the CA-360 only.

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