CentralAlert™ Door-Bell Knocker Sensor-Transmitter

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Never miss another visitor or package delivery!

  • Dectects the vibration of existing doorbells and door intercoms.
  • Can also detect the activation voltage of your doorbell.
  • Battery-life is approximately10 months.
  • Compatible with CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX, and CA-RX CentralAlert systems.
  • The device is compatible with magnetic switch.


Never miss another visitor or package delivery!

Install this device next to your existing door chime or intercom door announcer. Whenever a visitor rings your doorbell or buzzes the speaker, it detects sound/vibration and sends a wireless signal to trigger the CentralAlert System to notify you. Or attach the sensor to the inside of your door to detect knocking.


  • Detects the vibration of your existing doorbell, door chimes, door intercom announcer or the knocking on your door, it then sends a signal to trigger the CA-360 to alert you
  • Simple to install with adjustable sensitivity to avoid false alarms
  • 2.5mm Jack for direct connection to your existing doorbell/door chime

    *With this method, electrical signal from your doorbell terminal activates CA-DX



Q: How does the CA-DX work with my existing doorbell/door chime or door intercom announcer?
A: When the CA-DX detects the sound or vibration of your existing doorbell/ door-chime, door intercom or the knocking on your door, it sends a signal to trigger the CA-360 to alert you that someone is at the door.


Q: Where should I mount the CA-DX?
A: Use the provided double-sided tape to affix the CA-DX on or adjacent to your existing doorbell/ door-chime or intercom panel. Or, affix it to the back of the door for knocking detection.


Q: Can I connect the CA-DX directly to my existing doorbell/door chime?
A: Yes, provided your existing doorbell or door chime has such connecting terminals. Check your doorbell/chime user manual for details and instructions.

Q: How many CA-DX can I install with my CA-360?
A: You can have up to 4 CA-DX.


Q: The CA-DX seems to be working and lights up when pressed, but why is my CA-360 not responding?
A: Most likely, your CA-DX is not connected with your CA-360 yet. Make sure that your CA-360 is paired with your CA-DX. Refer to your CA-360 for the pairing instructions. Another possibility is that your CA-DX is out of range, over 200 ft away from your CA-360. You can fix this problem by simply bringing them closer together.


Q: If I have more than one CA-DX, how do I know which one is activated?
A: There is an easy way to assign a number to each of your CA-DX; the activated CA-DX number will be displayed on the CA-360. Please see your manual for more details.


Q: What type of battery is used in the CA-DX and how long will it last?
A: It uses AA batteries and should last up to 10 months under normal circumstances. You can use the Test button to check your battery power. Please see the user manual for more details


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