CentralAlert™ Audio Alarm Sensor-Transmitter

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Warns you when your existing audio alarms activate.

  • Detects the audio alarm of your smoke and CO detectors.
  • Dectects T3, T4, and traditional alarm sounds.
  • Compatible with CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX, and CA-RX CentralAlert systems.
  • New alkaline battery can last up to 10 months.
  • Supervised design - will notfify the CentralAlert system when battery is low.


Warns you when your existing audio alarms activate

This sensor detects the audio alarm sound of your smoke and CO detectors. A wireless signal triggers the CentralAlert System (Model CA-360, CA-380, CA-PX or CA-RX) to notify you instantly. Install one device next to each existing alarm for sound detection or connect it directly to your alarms for activation.



Q: What are T3 and T4 audio alarm sounds?
A: T3 stands for Temporal-Three audio alarm sound. It consists of 3 short beeps in sequence followed by a short pause before the repetition of the next series of beeps. T4 stands for Temporal-Four Audio alarm sounds. It consists of 4 short beeps in sequence followed by a pause of about 5 seconds before the next beep. T3 is usually for smoke alarms and T4 is for carbon monoxide alarms.

Q: Can the CA-AX replace my existing alarms?
A: Absolutely not. The CA-AX detects the activation of your existing alarms and sends a signal to trigger the CA-360 to alert you.

Q: Where should I place the CA-AX?
A: Mount the CA-AX next to an existing alarm with the screws provided for alarm sound detection.

Q: Can I hard-wire the CA-AX to my alarm?
A: Yes, but only if your alarm comes with connecting terminals for direct connection. Check the user manual of your alarm for details and wiring instructions.

Q: How many CA-AX can I install to work with my CA-360?
A: You can install up to ten CA-AX for your CA-360.

Q: If I have more than one CA-AX, how do I know which one is activated?
A: There is an easy way to assign a number to each of your CA-AX; the activated CA-AX number will be displayed on the CA-360. Please see your manual for more details.

Q: The CA-AX seems to be working and lights up when pressed, but why is my CA-360 not responding?
A: Most likely, your CA-AX is not connected with your CA-360 yet. Make sure that your CA-360 is paired with your CA-AX. Refer to your CA-360 for the pairing instructions. Another possibility is that your CA-AX is out of range, over 200 ft away from your CA-360. You can fix this problem by simply bringing them closer together.

Q: How long will the batteries last and how do I know it is time to replace them?
A: Batteries should last up to 10 months under normal circumstances. You can use the Test button to check your battery power. Please see the user manual for more details.

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