Take a Step Towards a Smarter Home

Take a Step Towards a Smarter Home

Home is a place where one feels the safest and secure; it is where we can genuinely relax and calm down. Homes today have gotten smarter and, therefore, more reliable with several devices that can alert you over a guest or even a storm. Serene Innovations has come up with a home notification system that keeps your house safe and sound from any threat. Some of the devices they have on offer include:

Alert and Home Alert System

The alert and Wireless Home Notification System keep you updated over notifications as well as people who visit your house. These systems have vibration motors, flashers, and emit sound whenever you receive a notification or have a guest. The rechargeable batteries and Bluetooth compatibility make them quickly connect to any device and last for long hours on a single charge. Some of the devices have their own dedicated app on the App Store for iOS users that allows for even greater control over these devices. The portable design and functionality make it a necessity for every household today.



Phone Amplifiers and Alarm Systems

The handy universal phone amplifiers in the range that alerts you over every call, text, and message that you receive. They improve the quality of the call and make the other person more audible. There are alarm systems as well that connects to your phone and shake your bed or vibrate under your pillow to wake you up. They can connect to your phone and have multiple alarm settings.


Emergency Alert Systems and Sensors

Apart from providing communication easing solutions, Serene Innovations also provides emergency alert systems and sensors like storm alert systems, smoke detectors, baby cry sensors, etc. These laid back technologies help you rest with ease while also letting you be prepared at all times for any unforeseen emergencies. Making them a great addition to any household in today’s time.

Serene Innovations is a company that aims to make lives calm by innovating technology that assists people in living a laid back life. We have created solutions that help people lead better and efficient lives with products like TV SoundBox Wireless TV Speaker, TV Direct Private Listening Systems, and app-based products like the InstaLINK Wearable Smart Phone Alert Watch and Wireless Super Bed Shaker Alarm Clock, which connect to your smartphone using Bluetooth technology and a lot of other innovations. We, as a company, seek to create solutions that can eliminate a lot of communication-related challenges. 

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