Stay Connected Always with Phone Amplifiers & Personal Alerts

Stay Connected Always with Phone Amplifiers & Personal Alerts


With the development in science and technology, staying connected with the world has become more of a necessity than a privilege. Phone calls, text messages, video conferencing, etc. are few of the numerous ways of staying connected with the world at all times. Missing any form of alerts is not something we can afford in today’s world. Serene Innovations offers some solution to these problems of yours with technology like:  

Listen to Everything Loud and Clear 

The HearAll portable cell phone amplifier pair to your smartphone using Bluetooth and amplifies its sound to a great extent. Hence, you can clearly hear whatever the person who called you has to say loud and clear. This Portable Cell Phone Amplifier eliminates static and interference, making your conversation clear. It is compatible with hearing aids and other listening devices and has a speakerphone mode, allowing for hands-free operation.

Get Notified Without Having to Pick Your Phone

The Instalink wearable smartphone alert watch is a smartwatch that is compatible with iOS and lets you check your phone without having to actually touch it. Its display shows you all the texts and other notification that you have on your phone from a number of applications. This wearable smartphone alert watch vibrates when you receive a call, text or message on any social media alerting you of the same. It's rechargeable battery lasts for 7 days on one single charge and you can set alarms on it as well so you are never late for anything.


Never Sleep Over Anything Important Again

The wireless super bed shaker Bluetooth alarm clock is a modern alarm clock that connects to your bed and phone and then shakes your bed whenever you have an alarm set. This device is compatible with iOS devices and can be taken easily wherever you go. The internal battery of this wireless super bed shaker lasts for 45 days on a single charge. It has internal memory to retain the time you have set your alarm at so that this device can work even if your phone is off. This device can also double up as a buzzer and alert you on any calls, texts and social media messages.



Serene Innovations is a company that aims for making lives comfortable by innovating technology that assists people in living an easy life. We have created solutions that help people lead better and efficient lives with products like TV SoundBox, TV Direct Private Listening Systems, SmartPhone Alert Watch, and Wireless Super Bed Shaker Alarm Clock and a lot of other innovations. We, as a company, seek to create solutions that can eliminate a lot of communication-related challenges.

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