How to Make the Volume on My Cell Phone Louder

How to Make the Volume on My Cell Phone Louder

How to Make the Volume on My Cell Phone Louder?

If you or your loved one are having difficulties hearing on a cell phone, there could be many things that are causing this. While it could just be the phone itself, it could also be a range of hearing loss issues. The good news is that there are options to help people make the volume on their cell phone louder. Look through this guide to find out what the best option is for being able to hear better on your cell phone.

Hearing Aid Issues

Most hearing aids today allow for Bluetooth connectivity to a cell phone. The call can be transmitted straight to your ear through the hearing aid. If you don’t already have hearing aids with the Bluetooth function, it is possible to get newer ones. However, if you are thinking about getting new hearing aids that have the Bluetooth function, it is important to mention that these could cost around $3,000.


Instead of getting new hearing aids, a more affordable option might be to try a HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier. This could help you to hear better on your cell phone.

Cell Phone Amplifier

Unmatched Signals

When using a cellphone, less of the audible spectrum is heard than when using a landline. On cellphones, the range of frequency is between 300-3,400 hertz. However, human speech has frequencies that are much more than that. For instance, the sound energy that comes from sounds such as the “sh” and “s”, are higher than that range. That is why these sounds are often not heard on cellphone calls.


Basically, what this means is that those who are hard of hearing, might mistake certain words. This can make the entire conversation frustrating and overwhelming for everyone involved. It can make it difficult for the person who is hard of hearing to comprehend what is being said to them. In addition, it can make it tough for the other person on the line to hold a conversation because they are constantly trying to avoid using words that might be misconstrued as something else.


However, there are a couple of solutions that people can try if they are experiencing this type of issue. First, there are newer cell phones that transmit wider ranges of frequencies. These are called high-definition or wideband audio frequencies. They are offered by many different cell phone providers. In fact, there are phones that can transmit 7,000 hertz frequencies. These could help the person who is hard of hearing to better understand the conversation. With this being said, both people on the phone call would need to have this feature. The two people on the phone call may have to use the same cell phone carrier, too.


Just turning the volume up all the way on a cell phone isn’t usually enough for those who are hard of hearing. Another device or feature might need added to improve hearing on cell phone calls. There is a product call the HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier. This can prevent you from having to strain to hear what people are saying during your cell phone calls. This amplifier is hearing aid and t-coil compatible.

Transmission Problems

If you or someone you know isn’t hearing well on the phone due to transmission problems, turning the volume up louder isn’t likely to solve the problem. There are still going to be missed words or static on the line during the phone call. This could pose a problem for anyone, not just someone who is hard of hearing.


The first step for solving this problem is to try going to a different spot. For instance, moving 5 feet in either direction or standing by a window could fix the transmission problem. If it is possible to talk on landline for both people on the call, this will remove the transmission problem.


Transmission problems can make it very tough to hear on the phone, even more difficult for those who are already hard of hearing. Turning the volume up on the cell phone could even make the static worse.


If you can’t use a landline and you want to make it easier to hear, you can try a HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier. This could clear up the static an interference on your cell phone calls. 

Don’t Ask the Person to Talk Louder

If you already have the volume turned up on your cell phone and the above-mentioned tips haven’t worked, asking the person to talk louder isn’t likely to be a solution. In fact, by asking someone to talk louder, this could exacerbate the issue. It can make it even tougher to understand what they are saying.


In addition, the sounds that those who are hard of hearing have trouble understanding on phone calls, aren’t likely to be heard better by someone talking louder.


However, you could get a cell phone amplifier that amplifies the tone and volume. This could make their voice louder, without you having to ask them to speak louder.

Video Chatting

If you are hard of hearing and can’t understand or hear well on normal cell phone calls (even with the volume turned all the way up), a video call might be a better option. There are so many different video chatting apps available. Some examples of these include FaceTime and Skype. These allow people to see each other while they are talking. This can help someone to better comprehend what the other person on the call is saying. For example, someone who is hard of hearing can watch for facial expressions, gestures, and read lips. It is important to note that video chatting takes more data up on the cell phone, so it is best to make these calls using Wi-Fi.


There is the option of using Bluetooth headsets for making cell phone calls. The sound of one person talking would be directed straight into the other person’s ear. This takes away the need to hear the sounds coming from a speaker. However, this option won’t make the cell phone’s ringtone any louder.


You can get the HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier. Once you get that connected to your cell phone’s Bluetooth, it can have a loud ringtone, so you don’t miss any phone calls.


If trying to turn up the volume on the cell phone doesn’t work, there is always the option of captions for phone calls. There are apps that will turn phone calls into captions. When someone is speaking to the person who is hard of hearing, words can scroll on the screen. After that person is done talking, the person who is hard of hearing can respond. The conversation would go back and forth much smoother with this option.


This reduces the need for repeating things over and over until the other person understands or hears what is being said.

Moving the Cell Phone

There are many people who wonder why their cell phone volume isn’t loud enough, even when it is turned all the way up. It could be because the cell phone isn’t placed in the proper position. You might need to experiment to see which position is best. Some people hear better on cell phone calls with the speaker above their ear and others hear better with it down lower. Hopefully, by experimenting on different calls, you can figure out a placement that allows you to hear better. If you get a new cell phone, you may have to find the proper placement again.


There are numerous ways that you can make the volume on your cell phone louder. You can turn the volume all the way up, get a cell phone that offers a wider frequency range, get a HearAll Cell Phone Amplifier, move to a different location when on the phone call, switch to video call, use a Bluetooth headset, get an app that does captions, move the cell phone, and much more.


It can be frustrating not being able to hear during phone calls. However, there is usually a solution for this problem. You just need find out what works best when using your cell phone.  

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