Hear Loud and Clear with Hearing Aid Care

Hear Loud and Clear with Hearing Aid Care

Being able to hear everything around us clearly, is a blessing; we hardly appreciate the value of it. For the less fortunate, Serene Innovations have come up with hearing aids that help them listen better. They have come with hearing aid care that is super comfortable to use and easy to clean for everyday usage. Some of the products on offer include: 


QDry – Dry and Charge your Hearing Aids Simultaneously

This hearing aid charger and keeps your hearing aids in the dual controlled zone for effective earpiece drying and cleaning. It has three drying modes with automatic fan control, and it’s easy to assemble design and inbuilt UV Light provides effective heat sanitization for killing all the harmful germs.


Renew Hearing Aid Dryer and Freshener

These hearing aid dryers use dry and gentle heat and air convection to dehumidify and sanitize your expensive hearing aid. They are a much more affordable alternative to chemicals, and their compact size makes them easy to carry around. The built-in battery indicator lets you check the battery status by merely opening the covers.


Hearing Aid Mini Vacuum Cleaner 

Gently removes ear wax, moisture, and dust from hearing aids with its vacuum function. The lightweight and ergonomic design make them comfortable to use whenever and wherever you need it. The cleaning process of this hearing aid mini vacuum cleaner enhances the life of your hearing aids. The package in total consists of two suction tips and a cleaning brush for deep and efficient cleaning. 


Serene Innovations have always strived to create assistive technology that can make human life more comfortable. The company started as one which designed assistive technology for the elderly like hearing aid charger and since has shifted to creating products that appeal to a whole household. The company has always stuck by its core values: making consumers stay connected to their loved ones. Today aims for developing products that offer a solution to a wide range of communication-related problems that we face in today’s advanced world.

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