Don’t Miss a Notification Ever Again

Don’t Miss a Notification Ever Again


In today’s world of constant connectivity, we might not be able to keep up with every notification we get. Missing call and texts is human. In order to eliminate that, we at Serene Innovation can provide you with the Centralalert Wireless Table Top Home Notification System and Centralalert Wireless Wearable Home Notification System. These two systems allow you never to miss any notification again. These double up as doorbells and notifies you about every visitor you have in your house.


Enhance Your Communication And Awareness:


The wireless home alert system notifies you about any calls, texts and visitors with a series of unique flashing light patterns and adjustable ring tones, so you never miss anything. This combination of light and sound does not let any critical alert go unnoticed. You can be anywhere you want in the house, and you will still be notified by the alert system having a 150-foot range.


Room for Extensions:


There is a lot of room for extensions in these notification systems as they can be connected to a bed shaker and other options products so that there is absolutely no way that you miss a notification. This wearable product makes it a very suitable product for anyone while the rechargeable batteries and charger make sure that these devices never run out of power.  


Other Features:


Apart from the apparent job of alerting you, these products offer a lot of additional functionality with the sensor transmitter, baby monitors, motion detectors, lamp flasher, smoke alarm and personal receivers. All these functions make it a complete device that should be a must in every household. Its numerous advantages are that make this device such a popular house appliance for so many people.


Serene Innovations has always strived for creating assistive technology that can make human life more comfortable. The company started as one which designed assistive technology for the elderly and since has shifted to creating products that appeal to a whole household. The company has always stuck by its core values: making consumers stay connected to their loved ones. The company, today, aims for developing products that offer a solution to a wide range of communication-related problems.

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