TVDirect® Private TV Listening Headset

TVDirect® Private TV Listening Headset
Model TV-95

Item Code: TV 5200

Our proprietary High Definition Sound technology converts any TV Audio output into an infrared light beam for wireless transmission to a receiver. This unique technology dramatically broadens the acoustic sweet spot of your living room. This means you will be able to clearly hear all dialogues and stereo sounds in your movie or TV program.

* We were advertized in the TV-95 in the August 8, 2011 issue of Newsweek Magazing.
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Product Features

  • It’s wireless, it rests naturally and gently on your shoulders lets you listen in great comfort

  • (115 dB spl) and delivers CD quality stereo sounds and life-like sound effects direct to your ears

  • noise isolation speakers stay gently in your ear without creating pressure or discomfort


  • It’s so light weight that you feel like you’re not wearing anything

  • Adjustable DigitalTone control enhances dialog clarity and intelligibility to suit your hearing
  • Long battery life—up to 30 hours of listening time per fullcharge

  • Optional tele-coil for people wearing t-coil hearing aid


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