High Definition Amplified Corded Telephone

High Definition Amplified Corded Telephone
Model HD-70

Item Code: HD 7010

The HD-70 amplified phone is a great option for anyone in need of an amplified hearing device in their daily life. You can even connect it to your smartphone via Bluetooth technology and use it to make and answer calls! You don't have to give your smartphone up - let us show you how you can keep the convenience and not sacrifice your hearing in the process.


Product Features

  • Amplifies in coming sound by up to 50+ decibels in order to help ensure optimal understanding and clarity

  • Uses Digital Tone Enhancement to ensure voices are crystal clear

  • Talking Caller ID, Call Waiting, and Missed Calls feature actually announces the name of the person on the line - you'll never have to guess who is calling again!
  • 12 speed dial buttons that announce the name of the person whom you are dialing from memory
  • Connects to Bluetooth smartphone, enabling you to make or answer calls from your cell phone while using the HD-70 to do actual talking 
  • Has a "Q&A" button directly on the handset to connect customer directly to a Customer Care Representative to help you with questions or concerns regarding your phone

  • Large, backlit buttons in your choice of color for easy viewing "Talk back" and help you make sure you're dialing the right number without straining your eyes in the process

  • Loud ringer and super bright flasher catches your attention so that you don't miss calls
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