TV-100 FAQ

Q: What is the most optimum placement of the Transmitter?
A: For best results, the Transmitter should be placed directly facing you (in the watching position) without any obstructions. The Transmitter should be placed as close as possible to you (not to exceed 40 feet). If necessary, use the legs underneath the Transmitter to adjust the transmission height and tilting angle.

Q: How do I connect the TV-Direct to my TV?
A: Connecting the TV-Direct to your television depends on the type of TV you have.
  1. If you have an “Audio Output” jack on the back of your TV, or a “Headphone Jack” (usually located on the front of your TV), connect the TV-Direct to either jack. 

  2. If you have a cable TV service, you may also connect it to the cable TV box or DVD/VCR "Audio Output" jacks. (Your TV-Direct comes with everything you need for such a connection).
  3. Many flat screen TV’s do not have an “Audio Out”.  In this case, you may use the “Headphone” jack, or the “Audio Out” of your cable box, if you have one.

  4. If  you have a flat screen TV with no “Audio Out” , no “Headphone “ jack and no cable box, you will need to use an external microphone. Place the microphone directly in front of the TV’s loudspeaker grille to pick up transmission sound. Connect the other end of the microphone to the “TV Audio” input jack on the TV Direct transmitter base.  Set the selector switch on the transmitter base to the MIC position. 

Q: How do I use the ON/OFF switch on the Transmitter?
A: The ON/OFF switch on the Transmitter is for the power supply to the Transmitter. When you first set up the connection, turn on the power and leave it on for daily use.

Q: Do I need to turn off the TVDirect Transmitter when I turn off my TV?
A: No. After the TV is turned off, the TVDirect Transmitter will automatically stop signal transmission in about 1 minute. But the power will remain on for recharging the Receivers. Signal transmission will automatically resume when you turn on the TV.

Q: Do I need to turn off the Receiver after finish watching TV?
A: Yes, it is recommended to preserve battery life, but it is not necessary. The Receiver will turn off automatically in about 4 minutes after the TV is turned off. To use it again, you need to press the On/Off button to turn it on.

Q: What is that little static noise I am hearing?
A: The TV audio signals may come with some static noise. Since the TVDirect amplifies and makes everything louder, it may also make the noise noticeable. To make the noise less audible, just increase the TV output level.

Q: How low can I turn down the TV speaker volume while using the TVDirect?
A: This may vary from TV to TV. In general and in most TVs, the audio or earphone output level is independent and is not controlled or synchronized with the TV speaker volume level. If that is the case on your TV, then you can turn the TV speaker level as low as you like, or you can even mute your TV speakers. But, if your TVs audio output level is tied to and is controlled by the volume level of your TV speaker, you need to set the volume to a level that allows you to hear comfortably on your TVDirect ear buds. If this TV speaker volume disturbs others in the room, you can turn off the TV speaker via your TV settings control on your remote (please see your TV user manual for instructions).

Q: What other audio sources can I use with the TVDirect?
A: You can use TVDirect as wireless headphone for any audio source such as radio, stereo system, and DVD/CD/MP3 player; just connect the transmitter to their Audio Output jacks.

Q: Can the TVDirect be used as a PA system in a conference room to accommodate the hard of hearing?
A: Yes, just connect our TV Microphone to the transmitter and place the microphone in front of the speaker or in a strategic location for picking up all sounds in the room, any hard of hearing attendee who is wearing a Receiver will be able to hear clearly. This can be a very cost effective way to comply with the ADA requirements.

Q: How do I use my TVDirect to listen to my MP3 player or to watch movies on a plane?
A: Just plug a standard stereo connector cable (it has a 3.5 mm plug at both end and it is available from RadioShack) to the Line input jack of your TVDirect receiver and connect it to the earphone jack of your MP3 player or the in-flight entertainment system. When used in this mode, both the Volume and Tone controls on the Receiver are not functional (you can turn off the power of the Receiver to preserve battery). To adjust the volume level, you must use the control at the audio source.

Q: How can I use the TVDirect with my hearing aid?
A: If you wear a T-coil hearing aid, you can unplug the ear bud (one or both ears) and replace it with a Tele-coil (sold separately, Item TC1001) or with our Neck-loop (sold separately, Item DT2013).

Q: How long is the listening time of the battery?
A: On a fully charged battery, it will give you over 30 hours of continuous listening time.

Q: How long does it take to fully re-charge the batteries?
A: To fully charge a totally discharged battery, it will take about 20 hours. But for daily use, we suggest that you place the Receiver into the Transmitter for recharging (you can recharge up to 2 Receivers simultaneously) each night before bed and it will be ready for another day's TV watching when you wake up.

Q: Can I recharge the receivers while I am watching TV using another Receiver?
A: Yes, you can use the charging bays to recharge other receivers while you are watching TV using another Receiver.

Q: Can I use non rechargeable batteries?
A: No, you must use rechargeable batteries.

Q: Can I use the TVDirect with my plasma TV?
A: Yes, you can use the TVDirect with any TV. When watching plasma TV, you may hear a little static noise if you come within 3-4 feet of the TV.

Q: How many Receivers can I use with the Transmitter?
A: You can use as many Receivers as you want and we strongly suggest that you get one Receiver for each person to share the program. Additional Receivers are sold separately (Item TV100Rx).

Q: Can I buy additional Transmitters for other rooms?
A: Yes, you can buy additional Transmitters (Item TV100Tx) for other TV sets in your home. You then can use the same Receiver through-out the house.

Q: How do I adjust the Left and Right ear volume?
A: If needed, you can adjust the volume level to your left and right ears. Press your thumb down or use a small screw driver to turn the Balance control knob (located at the rear of the Receiver) and turn it either toward L to increase the left ear volume or toward R to increase the right ear volume. Warning: you can only rotate 80 degree maximum in each direction, over turning can damage this control.

Q: How do I sanitize the ear buds of TVDirect if it is used by different people in product demonstrations or in a hospital setting?
A: The soft ear bud covers are made of high density silicone; they can be sanitized by washing with warm soapy water or by wiping with alcohol. Or, you can cover the ears bud with a disposable sleeve (sold as digital thermometer cover in drug stores.

Q: How do I replace the Earbuds?
A: Follow the instructions on the Earbud replacement Illustration

PLEASE NOTE:  If you need an external microphone for your TV, please let us know. Upon your request, we will send an external microphone to you, free of charge, by mail. To request a free external microphone please contact us by phone: Toll Free:  1.866.376.9271 or by email to: