DT-100 FAQ

Q: What are the 3 operating functions of the DirecTalk?
A: The 3 functions are: 1) as a powerful hands-free personal listener, 2) as an amplifier for calls on your cordless/cell phones or for listening to any audio source, and 3) as a hands-free inductive receiver for a loop system.

Q: How do I sanitize DirecTalk if it is used by different people (in product demonstrations or in hospitals)?
A: The soft ear bud covers are made of high density silicone; they can be sanitized by washing with warm soapy water or by wiping with alcohol. Or, you can cover the ear bud with a disposable sleeve (sold as digital thermometer cover in drug stores; or go to http://adctoday.com/ecatalog/catpage.php?itemnum=416-100). The microphone housing is also made of high density rubber and can be sanitized by wiping with alcohol.

Q: How does it work as a personal listener?
A: With the mode switch set to the MIC position, DirecTalk can be used as a personal listener for daily conversations (or for picking up sounds from your in-room TV). The built-in main microphone will pick up the voice of the person with whom you are talking (and your own voice too) while suppressing the back ground noise. The volume level and tone may be adjusted to suit your hearing.

Q: How does it work as a cordless/cell phone or audio amplifier?
A: With the mode switch set to the CELL position, connect the DirecTalk to the headset output jack of your cordless/cell phone using a special cable (item DR-2012 from Serene with a 3.5mm plug at one end and a 2.5mm plug at the other end; not included). While on the phone, just speak normally into DirecTalk and the built-in microphone will pick up your voice (there is no need to speak into your phone). You can also use the DirecTalk as an amplifier by connecting it to the headphone jack of your MP3, CD player or the in-flight movie system using a cable with 3.5 mm plug at each end.(available from Radio Shack).

Q: How does it work as a hands-free loop receiver?
A: A loop system converts the audio output (such as TV sounds or the microphone of a PA system) into magnetic signals in the room where the loop system is installed. With the mode switch set to the T position, DirecTalk converts the magnetic signals into sound again thru the ear buds. You can adjust both the volume level and tone to suit your hearing. Note this mode is operational only if the room is equipped with a loop system.

Q: Can I use DirecTalk as an amplifier on my corded phone?
A: Yes. With DirecTalk turned on and the mode switch set to MIC position, hold the telephone handset horizontally and press the handset speaker (the part of the handset which you usually place over your ear) gently against the microphone grommet on the DirecTalk. The microphone will pick up the sound from your handset speaker and amplify it. When you talk, you may need to speak a little louder so that the handset can pick up your voice.

Q: Can I use DirecTalk to listen to TV?
A: Yes. You can listen to the in-room TV in the personal listener mode as described in Question 2 above. But for best results, we suggest that you set the DirecTalk to the CELL mode, then plug one end of the special cable (item DT2011 from Serene) into its input jack and attach the microphone at the other end of the cable onto the TV speaker grille to pick up the TV sounds.

Q: How can I use DirecTalk in a group setting?
A: Simply set DirecTalk to listener (MIC) mode. But, if the speaker is far away and you want to have better sound of the speaker's voice, you can use a cable set up similar to TV listening (#6 above) by placing the microphone in front of the speaker.

Q: How long will the battery allow me to listen?
A: A set of new batteries will give you about 50 hours of continuous listening time.

Q: Can I use rechargeable batteries?
A: Yes. However, there is no charging circuit built into DirecTalk, you will need a separate charger for recharging your batteries.

Q: What accessories are available if I use a hearing aid or Cochlear implant?
A: Our Tele-coil (item TC1001) and the Neck-loop (item TC2013) can be used for people with T-coil hearing aid or Cochlear implant. These accessories are available at your local Serene dealers.

Q: How do I replace the Earbuds?
A: Follow the instructions on the Earbud replacement Chart