VQ-500 FAQ

Q: What does the LCD display on my VQ-500 do?
A: The LCD display has several functions. First, you will set the time on the LCD display to match the time on your watch. Then use the LCD display, along with the watch buttons to set up to 5 alarm times. The LCD Display, along with the watch buttons is also used to view which alarms are set and which alarms are in the “Off” position and available for setting. The LCD Display will display the “next” set alarm as a reference point.  

Q: How strong is the vibration on the VQ-500?
A: The VQ-500 provides a super strong vibration to announce alarm setting. You will feel a series of 6 short vibration bursts that last about two seconds each.  

Q: Is there a way to stop the VQ-500 from vibrating after the first vibration alert?
A: Yes! Just depress any of the four buttons on the sides of the watch and the vibration will stop.  

Q: When the vibration signals an alarm on my VQ-500, is there also an alarm that will sound?
A: You may detect an audible sound from the vibration, but there is no alarm sound. This is advantageous when you require an alarm alert, but do not wish to disturb others in the room.  

Q: Is there a “Snooze” function on my VQ-500?
A: There is no “Snooze” function as you may find on some alarm clocks. However, since the VQ-500 allows you to set up to 5 alarms, you can certainly consider setting one of the alarms as a “back-up” alarm.  

Q: What do the letters mean on the back of my VQ-500?
A: There are four buttons located on the sides of the watch. The letters on the back of the VQ-500 each refer to one of these buttons. The buttons are used to set your watch. The letters are: T= Time A= Alarm E= Enter (Save) += Increments (Hours/Minutes and AM/ PM)  

Q: Can I wear my VQ-500 while swimming or showering?
A: The VQ-500 is water resistant for daily wear (hand washing, water splashing, etc.). It is not designed for total submersion in water or for bathing, showering, swimming or diving.  

Q: What type of batteries does my VQ-500 use?
A: The VQ-500 uses two batteries, one for the clock movement and one for the LCD clock. We recommend replacing both batteries at the same time. Battery Info is as follows:
  1. For Clock Movement: Model: Button Type, Silver Oxide Battery, SR626W 1.5V Size: d 6.8mm X 2.6mm
  2. For LCD Alarm Display: Model: Button Type, Lithium Battery, CR2032 3V Size: d 20mm X 3.2mm
Q: How long will the battery last?
A: The VQ-500 has two batteries. We estimate both the clock movement and LCD alarm display batteries will last approximately 24 months.

Q: How do I change the battery?
A: We recommend you take your VQ-500 to your watch repair shop or jeweler for battery replacement. They may want to refer to our “How to Replace the Batteries on a VQ- 500” instructions on our website as a guide.

Q: How do I set the analog watch on my VQ-500?
A: Pull out watch stem on right side of watch. Turn dial to set hour and minutes. Push in the watch stem to set the time. Your analog time has now been set.

Q: How do I set the digital time on my LCD Display Screen?
A: Please note: For the VQ-500 alarms to work, the digital time setting must match the analog time setting.
1. First, press and hold the “Time” button at left top of watch until you see “Hour”.
2. Then, press the “(+)” button at the top right side of the watch to change the hour setting. (Please note the hour will blink and advance forward.) When you have the correct hour, stop pressing the hour button.
3. Press the “Enter” button at the lower right side of the watch to set the “Hour”.
4. Repeat steps 2 and 3 to set the “Minute”.
5. Press the “+” button again to toggle A (AM) to P (PM) and then press “Enter” to save.
6. Press “Time” button for 2 seconds to set or wait 15 sends to exit this mode. Your digital time has now been set.
Q: How do I see the alarm settings on the VQ-500?
A: It’s easy! Alarm times are always changed by using the LCD Display Screen located at the bottom of the watch face, and the buttons located on each side of the watch.
1. First, depress the alarm button on the lower left side of the watch and hold it for two seconds. The display screen will tell you what alarm setting you are viewing, if its AM or PM and the time for which the alarm is set. Here’s how to do it:
2. On the far left side of the LCD display screen you will see first the alarm number and if it is set for AM or PM. Example: 1P.Your first set alarm time will appear in the LCD screen. Example: 6:00. Remember, your VQ-500 has a total of 5 alarms.
3. To see the next alarm setting, just press the “Enter” button on the lower right side of the watch. You will either see the alarm time setting or the word “Off” meaning no alarm is set for that particular alarm. Press the “Enter” button again, to see the next setting, etc. You will see the information for all 5 alarms.