Q: Can I use the HD70 with any smart phone?
A: Yes, you can pair and connect it to any smart phone with Bluetooth.
Q: What if I have multiple smart phones in the house?
A: The HD70 can be paired with up to 6 smart phones, but it can be connected to just one smart phone at any given time.
Q: How does the HD70 know which smart phone to connect?
A: Well, you have to choose which smart phone you wish to connect to your HD70, then you follow the connection procedures on that particular smart phone to connect.
If your HD-70 is already connected to other smart phone, you have to disconnect it first from the other smart phone.
Q: Can I use voice dialing on the HD70 when it is connected to my smart phone?
A: No, not from the HD-70. But you can use voice dialing on your smart phone first, then continue the call on the HD-70
Q: Do I still need a land line?
A: No, a land line is not necessary; you can just use your cell phone network for all your calls.
Q: What if I have a cable TV "bundled" or VoIP phone line?
A: Yes, the HD70 will work with such phone lines; but if your encounter some "noise" on such line, we suggest that you connect a DSL "filter" (readily available and is inexpensive from any electronic store) between the HD70 and the wall outlet.
Q: How do I differentiate calls from land line and cell phone?
A: They have different ring tones, so it is easy to tell which phone line is ringing.
Q: Why is the "Missed" button keep blinking?
A: It tells you that you have missed one or more calls on your land line or cell phone, a very useful feature.
Q: How do I use the "Missed" call feature?
A: Each time you press the lit MISSED button, it will announce whose call you have missed, starting from the most recent.
If you wish to dial the missed call while it is being announced, just lift the handset (or push the Speaker phone button) and it will dial that number automatically.
Q: How do I stop or cancel the blinking of the Missed call button?
A: Press and keep the MISSED button down for 3 seconds will stop the blinking and erase all the missed call log.
Or to disable this feature totally, just slide the Missed Call button on the underside of the HD70 to the Off position.
Q: What is "Voice tag" and its benefits?
A: Voice tag is used to identify the memory speed-dial location with a name that you record in your own voice when you program the number into that memory location.
When you lift the handset first, then press the memory button to dial, it will announce the name of the person you are dialing.
It will do the same if use "on-hook" dialing (press memory button first, then press the speaker button). But it will not announce the name if you use "off-hook" dialing (press speaker first and then press memory button).
Q: What is Caller ID name voice announcement and its benefits?
A: It announces the caller's name and his/her phone number so you know exactly who is calling you on the land line (it announces the phone number only on cell phone calls) before you answer the call.
Q: What is the Q&A button for and what are its benefits?
A: The Q&A button has our Customer Care's phone number preprogrammed into it. Whenever you have a question related to the HD-70, just press it and you will be connected automatically to one of our Customer Care representatives.
He or she will answer your questions or trouble-shoot any problems you may have while you are on line. So help is always just a push-of-a-button away.
Q: Do I need to adjust the handset volume and tone setting for each call?
A: No, you don't have to; it will return to the settings of the previous call automatically.
For your convenience, we suggest that you set the Auto-AMP (at the underside of the phone) to On for the amplifier to come on automatically on each call.
Q: Can I adjust the volume level of the speaker phone?
A: Yes, you can use the VOLUME key to adjust its volume; but it will return to its normal volume level when you hang up.
Q: Will the amplifier work when I am on the speaker phone mode?
A: No, the amplifier only works when you are talking using the handset.
Q: Can I adjust the volume and tone of each of the talking features?
A: No, the volume and tone of the voice of all the talking features were factory pre-set to the optimum level.
Q: Why do I need to install back-up batteries?
A: The back-up batteries will allow you to enjoy all the wonderful features of the HD-70 when there is a power outage.
Without power and back-up batteries, the HD70 will only work as a basic ordinary land line phone that allows you to answer and make calls without amplification (no speaker-phone either).
Q: How long is the talk time when it is running on back-up batteries?
A: About 12 hours on freshly installed Alkaline batteries.